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Daydream Deluxe Facial 60 Mins

About the treatment

A deluxe facial could include more face masks or serums, a lengthier massage, more thorough exfoliation and hydration of the skin, and other treatments like hand, foot, or scalp massages. Daydream Deluxe Facial is a 60-min long thorough and extensive facial treatment that goes above and beyond the standard facial. The service includes an additional treatment in the facial process.


Daydream Deluxe Facial 60 mins can be a really luxurious and pleasant experience, and it will give the skin more pronounced and long-lasting advantages.

About Daydream Deluxe Facial 60-Minute Treatment

Besides the standard facial process of Daydream Classic Facial, the Daydream Deluxe Facial treatment includes a double cleanse, scrub, steam, extraction, and mask. During the treatment, guests are also treated with a relaxing face, hand, and arm massage. To ensure the long-lasting effects of the treatment, each session ends with cream applications that leave the skin clear and radiant.


A spa facial can vary in length, averaging on 30 minutes to an hour per session. The amount of time is determined by the type of facial you get and the treatment’s objectives.


In the case of Daydream Deluxe Facial, the treatment last for one whole hour.


For the entirety of the treatment, each guest is treated to multiple skincare steps that leave the face feeling smoother and looking more vibrant. Although facials work best when done regularly, a noticeable improvement is already evident after the Daydream Deluxe Facial.


A luxurious facial can help exfoliate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and looking more vibrant. This results in improved skin texture and appearance. The Daydream Deluxe Facial also includes a longer massage to help each guest truly relax and unwind.


Essentially, a deluxe facial helps to reduce specific skin concerns. The Daydream Deluxe Facial Treatment particularly helps in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing the appearance of acne-prone skin, and addressing other particular skin conditions, depending on the products and treatments utilized during the facial.


The overall treatment improves your blood circulation, proving to be advantageous to the skin and general health. Each guest finishes the treatment feeling more relaxed, pampered, confident, and positive about their appearance.

Why go for Daydream Deluxe Facial?

What makes Daydream Deluxe Facial a favorite for Daydream Thai patrons is the treatment using the RF Machine which uses heat to rejuvenate the skin. The machine uses radiofrequency waves to heat the skin tissue and encourage collagen production. This results to a tighter skin and fewer wrinkles.


Another reason why an RF machine has been a sought-after addition to a facial treatment is that it reduces fat and improves the face shape. It is the best way to reduce sagging skin. The serums and creams that are applied after the RF machine treatment further ensure optimum absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. Daydream Deluxe Facial has indeed taken all measures to ensure a relaxing and effective facial experience.


Are you ready to have a luxurious and pleasant experience? Book a Daydream Deluxe Facial appointment today.



Alicia Hubbard

We spent our Valentines day for a massage at DayDream Thai, and we\’re not disappointed! The front desk was friendly and welcoming. The ambiance was calm and serene you will really feel at ease and rejuvenated.

Catherine Unger

massage with Lisa at Daydream Thai Massage & Spa. She was able to pinpoint and relieve all of my tension and knots. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Lisa is truly skilled at her craft and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a deep tissue massage.
On top of this, the whole space is like a modern gallery, it’s so relaxing even just to sit in the lobby or walk inside. Great work and good luck with the new business adventure in South Yarra.

Devonne Hugh

Daydream Thai Massage & SPA is magnificent! I was looking for a massage place close to home and was able to reserve two massages that same day! The staff was very kind and accommodating, and the atmosphere was exceptionally calming. Dimly lit, has peaceful sounds, and the themed room is so cool. The person who worked on me asked me where I was most sore/tight and made sure to focus on those areas while still showing the rest of my body attention during the hour massage. Worth a visit!

Kaitlyn Hines

Such a lovely new spa and with super cute decor I had a 1hr deep tissue massage and couldn’t recommend enough. Feeling relaxed and refreshed after my visit

Iris S

The best massage in Melbourne!! I’ve been here by their interior looks interesting and different from another Thai massage I’ve been to. My first massage was with Lisa and second time was with Anne. They both were amazing! They are the best massage I’ve ever had before. They could feel and know what my muscle problems are! Very experience and well trained. This place will be my favorite and regular massage place ever.
Highly recommended👍🏼

Things to know

  • Appointments online can be made for multiple people. To make a group booking, simply click 'Add Another Service' when you finish the first round of booking and create a booking again and checkout for all at once, or simply give us a call
  • Please leave a comment to tell us whether you prefer to have a same-room session when you booked for 2.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to sign in. A late arrival to your appointment may shorten your session.
  • We require a non-refundable full payment when booking online.
  • To cancel your appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice, and we will charge a 20% cancellation fee.
  • To reschedule your appointment, we require a minimum of 4 hours notice.
  • In some circumstances, we may need to move your appointment (10 mins to 30 mins). We will contact you via email or phone if the time changes.

Room Themes

Our world’s first themed treatment rooms offer a variety of settings and experiences to choose from. Whether you want to relax by the ocean, escape to the twilight sky, shop with KICKSTW or explore the spirit of Thai, we have something for everyone. Our experienced therapists will work their magic to help you relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. So close your eyes and let yourself be transported to another realm...
Daydream Thai The Spirit Of Thai Massage Treatment Room


Daydream Thai Twilight Sky Massage & Spa treatment room


Daydream Thai Sound Of Ocean Massage treatment room


Daydream Thai Massage & Spa Rainforest treatment room


Daydream Thai Plain & Simple Massage treatment room


Daydream Thai Plain & Simple Massage treatment room



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